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Cessna 170 video

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Flying in a CESSNA 170!

Today I got to actually fly this plane, and this was most definitely the funnest day of summer so far! We went up and flew around for about an hour and I just got ...

170s in the Wrangells

The full story/article can be read here: https://www.backcountrypilot.org/features/category/featured-trip-reports/170s-in-the-wrangells In May 2015 I flew ...

Cessna 170B rebuild w 180 horse

1952 Cessna 170B driven from NJ to Oregon on a trailer, overhauled, polished, and completely rebuilt. Here she is in her first action in 20 years.

Bush Air Cessna 170 Super STOL demo

Short Take-off and Landing demonstration. Aircraft: Bush Air C170B Training aircraft Engine: 0-300 145hp Modifications: Sportsman leading edge wing cuff, ...

Short Field Takeoffs and Landings in a Cessna 170 (foot cam)

In this video I'm out doing short field practice. I first went out to the practice area for some slow flight, stalls, and maneuvers. After which I went to Georgetown for ...

Cessna 170B LV-FNR realizando vuelo bautismos en el Aeroclub Reconquista 23-09-2017

Vídeo tomado en el Aero Club Reconquista el 24-09-2017 durante el Festival Aéreo en el Aeroclub Reconquista.

How to Fly a Cessna 170 B Airplane Nicest one around with Diesel Dog

http://www.jimthepilot.com/ http://www.stickymount.com/ Filmed with a GoPro and a Sticky Mount Harness.

1955 Cessna 170b revival


*** SOLD *** 1948 Cessna 170 For Sale

N4063V. Cessna 170 Manufactured in 1948 as serial number 18395. TTAF: 2518 hrs SMOH: 534 hrs An immaculate example of this much loved taildragger.

1950 Cessna 170A Grass Strip Fun

Flying from Pekin to a grass strip north of Peoria. Filmed using a GoPro Hero 3 and a VibeX gel mount from Flight Flix.

Cessna 170


Closed Traffic July '18 Cessna 170B

Cessna 170B. Winds variable. 90°F. Working for more stabilized approaches. 3 point with 20° flaps.

Cessna 170 Short Flight from Skagit

Went on a short flight out of Skagit in a friend's Cessna 170. Enjoy!

Cessna 170 annual

65th annual 1953 Cessna 170B.

Cessna 170 For sale

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Cessna 170B Air to Air shoot Mid America Flight Museum

We shot this air to air of the Cessna 170B at the Mid America Flight Museum the very same day the museum got the airplane. We were so happy to get it, ...

Splash Down Landing in a Cessna 170

Cessna 170 splash down landing near Talkeetna, Alaska.

Cessna 170B - PTWHU

Demonstração da Aeronave Cessna Modelo 170 Bravo, PT-WHU usada para instrução de voo em Ibitinga.

Taking off a Cessna 170B on a Grass Strip

http://www.jimthepilot.com/ http://www.stickymount.com/ Nice take off.

1953 Cessna 170B - CAH3 Courtenay Airpark [18 Mar 2016]


Cessna 170 Taildragger - Low Pass, Take-Off, In Flight, Landing.

Cessna 170 Merida Yucatan Mexico.

Cessna 170A Specifications General Aviation Aircraft

Cessna 170A Specifications General Aviation Aircraft https://youtu.be/5yXKUe55bl0 Cessna 170B Cessna 172 Cruise speed (kts.) 104 107 Vso (kts.) 45 45 Best ...

Cessna 170 across America!

Flying a beautiful C170 from Fullerton, CA to its new home in Manchester, NH. Some highlights from the american southwest.

1956 Cessna 170B for Sale in Seattle - SOLD - Nicest one around in the Pacific NW


Cessna 170 Doorless Bombing


Bush Air - STOL demo's. Cessna 170B

Short Take-off and Landing demonstration. Wind: apx. 7-10 knots. Aircraft: Bush Air C170B Training aircraft Engine: 0-300 145hp with a climb prop Modifications: ...

Cessna 170 - Flex Innovations - Review | Flite Test

Josh, Josh and friends check out the Cessna 170 from Flex Innovations. Read more about the Cessna 170 here: https://goo.gl/GOk36g We know that huge ...

Flying the Cessna 170


Santa Monica Airport cessna crosswind groundloop

über YouTube Capture.

Cessna 170 Stall and Spin

After demonstrating a coordinated stall, full up elevator and left rudder was applied to demonstrate how docile the 170 is, even in a spin. The aircraft began a ...

WNCAM's 1954 Cessna 170B Status Update

After years as a static display aircraft the Western North Carolina Air Museum's 1954 Cessna 170B is under going extensive inspection, cleaning, repairs and ...

Cessna 170A Lee's First Ride Part 2

My 2 year old son's first ride in the 170A. My wife is speaking in Spanish. She's from Ecuador.

Cessna 170B evening landing


FLEX Innovations Cessna 170 6s 4000 3rd 16Sep18

Nice landings, good day.

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